ES Products is the leader in fastening solutions for low density roof decks. As it has been since our founding in 1953, every fastener we sell is made to the highest quality standards by US workers in our plant right here in the U.S.A.. Our fasteners set the standard for mechanically attaching base sheet and rigid insulation; Be it lightweight insulating concrete, cementitious wood fiber, poured gypsum or gypsum plank, we have the fastening systems you need to quickly, securely and cost effectively handle your base sheet and rigid insulation attachment needs.

For both cellular and aggregate lightweight insulating concrete we offer the Twin Loc-Nail, FM-290, FM-90 and FM-75.

If you have a cementitious wood fiber roofdeck, often called Tectum or Fibroplank, we recommend the Twin Loc-Nail or the Insuldeck Loc-Nail. Both are highly effective.

Gypsum roof decks, often mis-identified and highly variable in both color and density, can be particularly problematic. As with all deck types, we recommend onsite withdrawal testing of fasteners from the gypsum deck to assure proper fastener selection which may vary widely throughout the entire roof. Most gypsum decks can be fastened with the Twin Loc-Nail, FM-90 or FM-75. On Loadmaster decks (gypsum board), we suggest the Do-All Loc-Nail.

Please take a moment to browse our website.  We are sure that you’ll find most everything you need about fastening to lightweight insulating concrete, cementitious wood fiber (Tectum) and poured/plank gypsum roof decks. If we’ve overlooked something or you need further information, please contact us. We are standing by and ready to help!




Pull test video of the FM-290.
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Batten Bar

For attachment of singly ply to lightweight insulating concrete, cementious wood fiber and poured gypsum roof decks.

The New FM-290!

“The ULTIMATE in Base Sheet Attachment” Learn More

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